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Hollywood Electronics offers low cost, easy to use electronics products for the model railroader hobbyist. We carry a full line of "LED" lighting products that can be easily installed in your favorite model. We also offer sound card installation, "dcc" decoder and "Revolution" installation, Battery conversions, Operating brass signals, LGB repairs, as well as custom model design and building.
O - G - 1 1/2"  scale
Why I decided to design and build "LED" lighting circuits for model railroading:
Having been a model railroader all my life, I started collecting and operating "G" scale trains 20 years ago. I've always looked for ways to customize or improve my trains. Adding "LED" lighting can add a whole new dimension to any model. Friends and fellow club members saw my models and wanted to customize their trains too. So I started designing lighting circuits that any modeler can easily install. Each electronic circuit is "hand made" by me.
LED's are better than regular light bulbs because they use less current to operate, they don't produce heat, and will last 50 to 100  times longer than any bulb. The newer "Super-Bright" LED's can also easily be seen outdoors.
You will find many interesting and unique model railroad electronic items in this web site. Please check back often as I will continue to add "NEW" items to my product listing.
Bill Halupka --- The "LED" Guy!
Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.
O - G - 1 1/2"  scale
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Why LED's instead of light bulbs: